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Art Workshops for Middle School, High School, and College Level Classes and Community Groups:

Through an art workshop, participants are invited to join in a combination of both personal introspection and collaboration with their co‐creators to explore social/political science, history, and humanities based content through image making, narrative and creative writing, experimental documentary and research methods, performance, sound, and direct engagement with living beings and local geographies.

Each workshop is created especially for your group and uses the subject matter that you and your community are exploring as a point of departure. The experience is designed not only to underline and compliment your curriculum but also to reveal new ways of relating to the information that are stimulated by an experiential, arts based creative process.

Special attention is paid to the role of image/art making and the articulation of both personal and political narrative as a process for developing a deeper sense of self-value and agency as well as empathy and solidarity with others.

Focal points for your workshop can include (but are not limited to):

‐Power & Images: Deconstructing Race, Gender, & Class in Art, Film, and Media
‐Los Angeles Geographies: Seeing power through landscape and architecture
‐Wild Places: Nature as Community
‐Common Space: Exploration of social story through shared public spaces
‐Personal Narrative/Political Narrative: Poetry and The Spoken Performance
‐Empathic Listening & Communication
‐Collaboration & Consensus Building
‐Social Movement Histories
‐Racial & Gender Justice
‐Labor and the Biography of the Worker
‐Privilege and Power
‐Feminist Thinking & Action

For more information or to schedule a workshop for your group, please email:

My Approach: I understand teaching and designing educational programming, within the arts or otherwise, to be a wildly creative act shared among all participants which possesses the powerful potential to transform the lives of individuals and fundamentally change communities.

My approach to teaching and facilitating creative education spaces begins first with an assumption that each participant, including myself, enters the process with their own history, body of knowledge, and unique personality. Further, that we are each sited within a distinct social location, which includes specific corporeal, cultural, ethnic, political, economic, geographic, and generational circumstances that shape our way of being, knowing, and communicating. Read more…

Curriculum Vitae

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