Talk to Me, 2013, A three week long non static sculpture/space that utilized the fine art gallery as a place for political discussion, a meeting space for the Feminism Study Group, writing, eating, performance, building artworks, and taking them apart through the use of found building materials and a wall size chalk board.

Tell me how this should change. Change this. I could do a better job. Go. Make. Do. The craftsmanship is shoddy. This doesn’t make sense. How would this work better? That’s beautiful. What are you doing? I am waiting for someone else to do it. What are you making? What is that? What is that for? Where are you going? I never say the right thing. What are you doing here? Erase me. What is missing? I wish you would listen. No one hears me. Write a new list. This is alive. You know what this room really needs? I don’t agree with anything you are saying. This is an organism. I am having trouble understanding. What is that 2×4 saying? What shape isn’t this? What else is left to say? That cinder block is so quiet. Who are you waiting for? Can you tell me about this? What is in the room? This is not what I expected. The same four people always talk. I never know what to say. Build something. Invite the paper, garbage, hammer, nails, hamburgers, lipsticks, arguments, your cat, a newspaper, your mom, a brush, some sandpaper. Find something. Paint something. This is yours. Leave but always come back.


Collaborators: Jom Rivers, Kylen McMorran, Erik Orozco, Paul Petros, John Wu, Kristy Lovich
Text written by Kristy Lovich