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2565__240x320_workshop1HOLA Expands Partnership with Art Center, March 14, 2013: “By exposing our young artists to Art Center faculty, students and alumni, perhaps an HOLA student will join the ranks of many HOLA teaching artists…Recent collaborations have included a campus tour and a Meet the Artist workshop led by Fine Art student Kristy Lovich.” Read more: HOLA and the Art Center College of Design

Kristy Lovich at Union Station, Los AngelesThink you cant change the world with a fine art degree? “The result of her work has been an explosion of small, vibrant communities — sometimes planned, sometimes unexpected, often temporary — where creativity and conversation reign, and where participants learn about drawing, painting, photography and a host of other art forms.” Read more: “Creating Community,” DOT Magazine: Art Center College of Design, Fall 2012, Mike Padilla

avatars-000028155135-9le70x-crop Aug 11 on Feminist Magazine: The Grassroots Artist & Punk Rock’s ‘Frontier’ Woman “…[Kristy’s] work attempts to name the complexities, tensions, and contradictions of the intersections of identity, privilege, oppression, places of origin, and historical situations -contributing to the collective and truthful understanding of history, power, and the need for sustainable social change.” Listen to the full interview here: Feminist Magazine 90.7 KPFK Los Angeles