46164876_821629994674387_1595122695928807424_oSited on Tongva Territory in the Foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, I have been working with family and friends to build A collective that practices radical stewardship of land, relationships and culture. Mountain House brings our needs for material sustenance and cultural-intellectual engagement together. We work collaboratively to build and support projects that emphasize a connection between art-making, knowledge building, and access to care and connection as critical intersecting strategies for ensuring and restoring the health of the lands we live with, inter-community relationships, and equitable cultural participation. We come together by acknowledging our varied cultural, political, and personal locations in the world(s) we each inhabit, and in doing so, manifest transformative relationships directed towards mutual liberation. This community strives to create a social and material infrastructure that nurtures the endeavors of cultural stewards and has become the epicenter of my own cultural practice and political commitments.

Mountain House (free) Thrift & Food Pantry

Our bodies warm in the sun, unsettled

They were so thirsty, they mistook the sky for water