I am a political artist and I stole this image Thats one of the great things about being a political artist white privilege doesnt apply to you anymore and you can make lots of money representing experiences

Sometimes I wonder about how violent this womans experience was and I feel bad Then I remember how much money I have and I feel much better

We Had a Meeting About Our Project for Liberation

All Proceeds From This Painting Benefit a Women's Shelter I Have Never Been To

Being a political artist can be scary sometimes Like when I was painting in Palestine that helicopter that picked me up to go home was really loud

Facebook is not an approporiate place for art criticism

Its so great that they are including more women in shows now

If I sell this painting for a good cause it is no longer connected to the objectification of womens bodies

I wonder what kind of food photos they post on facebook in sub saharan africa

I am a socially conscious artist and I Painted this Dont worry its not sexist I totally support the womens movement You know kinda like when white people say they have a black friend

I am a socially concsious artist this is a painting about sensuality the erotic and empowerment

I am a socially concsious artist and this isa pinting about sensuality the erotic and empowerment

My Analysis is Bigger Than Yours

This is a portrait of my revolutionary hero

This womans hands and feet are not in the picture space but its ok I am a socially concsious artist in the progressive community