Meet me in the day room. They are playing your favorite movie.

Moving pictures, things, sounds, and words by Kristy Lovich
Performance by Susan Carillo Hall

A threshold designed by Ezekiel Rahim Rettino Provost
And one mysterious object, curated by Maya Selene Yanez Santiago

With (dis)appearances by The Middle (kind of a museum)
Among other slippery ruins and rememberings.

Contributing Writers & Storytellers: Akira Watts, Art Carillo, Adam Beat aka MC Prose, Andrea Penagos, Andy Bennett, Christy Ramirez, Clare Fox, Colleen Hargaden, Elizabeth Freeman, Elyn Kazarian, Erick Huerta, Joschua Beres, John Varga, Julie Hey, Jazz Hart, Joanna Bassi, Jeanette Iskat, Kelly Doyle, Katie Grinnan, Laura Luna, Nati Carerra, Ricky Jones, Shane Rivera, Stephen Kugelberg, Tamara Rettino. (Additional narrators TBA)

Opening: Sunday, January 12, 6pm

Cielo Galleries & Studios
3201 Maple Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90011