I Love Women Image Yesterday I revived this older work for a performance at the 8th Annual Celebrating Words Festival, hosted by Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural. After the performance, quite a few folks ask for a copy of the piece. I am always so grateful for the affectionate, loving interactions I have when I read this so, I thought I would upload a PDF of the text, to share. Scroll down, click the download button, and its all yours. Word of advice: the vibration tastes best when read o u t l o u d.

I love women.

All kinds of women:
tall women
short women
loud women
quiet women
wild women,
women that roll their eyes
I love women that worry if their butt
looks big in those jeans.
and I love women
that hope
their butt looks big in those jeans.
I love women that read books,
and save a spot
for their favorite novella.
I love women that talk shit
and drink beer.
I love women that wear hats.
I love women that make lists,
fix your collar,
read you a bedtime story,
make sure you ate your breakfast.
and I love women
that make you fix
your own damn breakfast.

Download Full Text:
I Love Women By Klovich