call for submissions: car·ry-on [kar-ee-on, -awn]

Call For Submissions

car·ry-on [kar-ee-on, -awn]

1. [adjective] of a size and shape suitable for being carried onto and stowed in the passenger compartment of an airplane, train, bus, or car: carry-on luggage.

2. [noun] a piece of carry-on luggage.

3. [transitive verb] to persist, to continue doing, pursuing, or operating.

4. [intransitive verb] (a) to continue especially in spite of hindrance or discouragement (b) to behave or speak in a foolish, excited, or improper manner.

Venue Location: Union Station

Exhibition Date: June 2012 *Exact Date TBA*

Exhibition Guidelines:

Any objects associated with your piece must be able to fit inside of and carried in a suitcase, musical instrument case, briefcase, purse or backpack.

No Media Restrictions: Feel free to work in 2D, 3D, sound, video, sculpture, installation, performance, etc.

You can use any area of the Union Station grounds to install your work. This includes both interior and exterior spaces. The perimeter of the Union Station is composed of: East Cesar Chavez Avenue (Northside), El Monte Busway (Southside), North Vignes Street (Eastside), North Alameda Street (Westside)

You are responsible for the installation and de-installation of your work.

You cannot make any permanent physical changes to the space. (eg: holes in walls or floors, alteration of furniture, application of paint to walls, etc.)

TAKE NOTE: This is a non-permitted exhibition in a public space. By agreeing to participate you assume all responsibility for your self and your work. This includes any legal consequences for installing work in the space, and/or theft or damage to any artworks.

How To Participate:

Please email your name, phone number, and a statement of interest to Kristy Lovich, no later than April 30, 2012 and you will be contacted with additional information and details about the exhibition.


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