The Dangerous Braid

Dangerous Braid, 2013, Twine, masking tape, black marker, 150 hours of labor, A site-specific sculpture that consisted of the continuous braiding of three strands of twine that began in my studio, ending at a sculpture in the fine art student gallery at the center of the building. I occupied the hallways throughout the entire duration of its making, engaging with passersby, asking people to help, and often encountering security which led to multiple instances of negotiations about the legality of my activity. Notes were attached to the braid documenting specific moments in which these encounters took place. The artwork was eventually removed by facilities, one half of the two hundred foot braid disappeared.

In an arm’s length of time, what I didn’t, K. Lovich, 2013, (9:17), Visual Site: Art Center College of Design, Audio Site: American Museum of Natural History, New York City, Hall of African Peoples